Diagnostic Imaging: CT Scanning

A Computed Tomography scan (CT scan, also called a CAT scan) uses computer-controlled X-rays to create 3-dimensional images of the body. By imaging and looking at several 3-D slices of the body (like slices of bread), the radiologist can tell not only if a tumor is present, but roughly how deep it is in the body. A CT scan can be 3-D because information is collected digitally on a computer, not on a flat piece of film.

Fox Chase Cancer Center's 64-slice CT scanner produces very detailed images with fast scan times. In addition, our 40-slice CT scanner can get up to 40 slices per rotation in sub-millimeter spiral modes for clinical studies. With this tool, a whole-body scan can be completed in 20 seconds. A 16-slice scanner at Fox Chase serves as an ideal tool for image-guided procedures. Its side open bore increases patient comfort and exam speed.


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