Fox Chase Surgeons: Among the Nation's Elite Robotic Cancer Surgery Programs

Dr. Viterbo in the OR

Rosalia Viterbo, MD specializes in urologic robot-assisted surgery

da Vinci
Robotic-Assisted Surgery for cancer

  • bladder
  • cervical
  • colon
  • gynecologic
  • head and neck
  • kidney
  • prostate
  • thoracic
  • uterine

One of the newest advances in laparoscopic surgery is robotic-assisted surgery. By taking laparoscopy one step further, the robot provides the surgeon with enhanced visualization and the ability to control his or her surgical tools at a console seated near the patient.

Fox Chase Cancer Center and its team of highly-skilled team of surgeons are among only a handful of institutions worldwide using robotics to treat nearly all types of cancer, including prostate, kidney, bladder, colon, head and neck, uterine and cervical and thoracic tumors.


Offering Patients the Best Chance

The robot offers surgeons improved visualization and precision, which is crucial when working in close proximity to delicate organs like the bladder. Combining state-of-the-art robotic-assisted surgery with innovative new therapies gives patients the best chance  for survival and quality of life.

    Additional Benefits:

    • Less bleeding, stitches and scarring due to tiny incisions
    • Reduced need for extended pain medication
    • Less fluid build-up
    • Shorter hospital stay and faster recovery
    • Fewer complications and less risk of infection
    • Less interruption to bladder and bowel functions
    • Earlier return to work and normal activity
    • Reduced need for additional procedures

How the da Vinci® Robot Works

Dr. Viterbo in the OR

Dr. Viterbo at the control station for the robot

What Patients Say About
da Vinci®:

Robotic-assisted surgery is the "next generation" of laparoscopic surgery. A robot's arms hold the surgical tools, which the surgeon controls while seated at a console. With a three-dimensional view of the surgical field, the surgeon gains improved visualization and precision.

Although the name may be confusing, robotic-assisted procedures are not performed by a robot, but rather a surgeon who has special training on how to use this technology. The technology offers the surgeon improved visualization and dexterity. Fox Chase is not only home to the best technology, but more importantly, the most experienced doctors who use it every day.

Surgeons perform these targeted procedures that result in fewer complications and quicker recoveries to normal function.

Laparoscopic, laser and robotic-assisted surgery are being used at other centers by less experienced surgeons. Fox Chase's surgeons are national leaders in these techniques - performing complex minimally invasive surgeries for patients with nearly all types of cancer.

Every Experienced Robotically-Trained Surgeon at Fox Chase:

Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS

Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS,
Chairman, Department of Surgery; Attending Surgeon, Urologic Oncology; G. Willing "Wing" Pepper Chair in Cancer Research; Co-Leader, Genitourinary Cancer Service Line

World-Renowned Kidney Surgeon Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS

Chairman of Surgery at Fox Chase, Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS, is a national leader in kidney cancer surgery. With robotic-assisted surgery, Dr. Uzzo is able to remove the cancer while preserving the kidney and its function which leads to better quality of life for his patients. Many of Dr. Uzzo's patients would have likely had their kidney removed had they gone elsewhere for treatment.


  • Specializes in da Vinci® robotic-assisted surgery.
  • Performs open surgery when necessary and have the knowledge to best determine the most effective surgical method for each patient.
  • Is fellowship-trained, meaning they have up to 4 years of additional training focused specifically on highly complex techniques of cancer surgery. This is a claim just a few hospitals nationwide can make.

  • Every robotically-trained surgeon at Fox Chase has MORE experience using the robot than their peers at other institutions.
  • Plays an active role at one of the busiest surgical departments in the nation.

All urologic surgeons are trained to use the robot, making Fox Chase the most comprehensive urologic oncology program in the region.


Meet our specially trained surgical team, all of whom are fellowship-trained and have expertise in all types of minimally invasive surgery.


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