Genitourinary Cancer

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Genitourinary Cancer Treatment
Urologic surgeons Richard E Greenberg, MD (left), and Robert G Uzzo, MD

Fox Chase Cancer Center's multispecialty team offers the latest treatment options

This includes minimally invasive surgical techniques by fellowship-trained surgeons for patients with cancers of the prostate, urinary tract, kidneys and testicles.

Genitourinary cancers (cancers of the urinary tract and the male genital tract) include:

Team Approach for Genitourinary Cancer Treatment

The genitourinary cancer team at Fox Chase includes nationally-renowned physicians who specialize in radiation oncology, urologic surgery and medical oncology. This team works closely to tailor your cancer treatment plan.

This includes access to Phase I clinical trials for appropriate patients.




Making the Best Decisions:
A Novel Study for Men with Newly-Diagnosed Prostate Cancer

by Marc Smaldone, MD
Aug 6, 2014

Investigators at Fox Chase Cancer Center have a new study available for men with a recent diagnosis of localized prostate cancer (meaning the cancer is contained in the prostate and has not spread). It's focused on helping men to make the best decision about their prostate cancer treatment.
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