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A Century of Excellence

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Alan G. Howald, BS

Assistant VP, Regional Development and Planning
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Alan G. Howald

Alan is responsible for all clinical, research, education, marketing and business activities between Fox Chase Cancer Center and Fox Chase Cancer Center Partner hospitals and related physician practices.  Fox Chase Cancer Center Partners is a select group of community-based hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey whose cancer programs are affiliated with Fox Chase Cancer Center.  He is also responsible for evaluation and planning of new business development activities at Fox Chase that include both independent activities Fox Chase is pursuing and those in partnership with regional hospitals and physician groups.  Alan has over 20 years of healthcare experience including areas in Clinical Research Contracting, Managed Care Contracting, Third Party Contract Compliance, International Business Development, and Oncology Project Line Operations and various financial and analytical capacities with 12 years of direct experience in oncology.  Alan is also the director of Strategic Planning at Fox Chase.


BS, (Communications), Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA

Professional Affiliations:

American Cancer Society- Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter – Board Member

Association of Community Cancer Centers

Healthcare Financial Management Association

Philadelphia Children's Alliance — Board Member

Philadelphia International Medicine — Board Member


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