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A Century of Excellence

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Elaine Sein, RN, BSN, OCN, CBCN

Senior Project Manager
Fox Chase Cancer Center Partners

Elaine Sein

Elaine has more than 30 years of oncology nursing experience at Fox Chase Cancer Center. She is a consultant to Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) Partner institutions to support the oncology service line through program planning and development, education, research, assistance with accreditation processes and development of care management processes to promote high quality, efficient oncology care. Elaine serves on the advisory board for the Academy of Oncology Nurse Navigators and the leadership team for the Pennsylvania Patient Navigation Network. She serves on the Oncology Nursing Society Project Teams regarding Nurse Sensitive Patient Outcomes related to breast cancer management.


Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing
BSN, Nursing, Maxima cum Laude, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA 

Professional Affiliations:

Oncology Nursing Society

Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation

Academy of Oncology Nurse Navigators

Pennsylvania Patient Navigation Network

Sigma Theta Tau, International


Oncology Certified Nurse, Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation 1989-present

Certified Breast Cancer Nurse, Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation 2009-present

Pennsylvania RN


2009 Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation Pearl Moore Certification Champion Award

American Oncologic Hospital Benefactors Award

Clinical Interests/Research:

Areas of special interest include disease management program planning, nurse navigation program development, breast cancer care and cancer genetics for the high-risk population. Coordinator of the FCCC Partner Nurse Navigator group.


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