Volunteer Requirements

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In order for Volunteer Services to assure that patients, their families, and the staff are receiving excellent service from volunteers, we offer a variety of in-service training programs.

In addition to attending the orientation session, we also ask that volunteers receive an annual Tuberculosis screening. All required training and screenings are free.

Annual Requirements

  • In the Know training
    Some topics covered include: Safety, Infection Control, Radiation Safety, and Patient Confidentiality. This training is required for all healthcare volunteers.
  • Tuberculosis (PPD) screening

Patient Confidentiality — HIPAA Compliance Training

All accepted volunteers must complete Fox Chase’s HIPAA compliance training. You will be guided through this on-line training program with the help of Volunteer Services staff or with your direct supervisor.

Standard Precautions and Hand Hygiene

Upon acceptance as a new volunteer, you will be required to understand the importance of Standard Precautions and Hand Hygiene. These topics will be discussed at your general center orientation and during your placement training. All healthcare volunteers must maintain a high standard of protection.
Hand Hygiene is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection. The proper method of hand washing will be reviewed and demonstrated.

Fire Safety

The safety of patients, visitors, staff members, and volunteers is enhanced by the construction of the buildings, as well as by the systems in place. Fire drills and the proper use of an extinguisher are reviewed.

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