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The Volunteer program works in your department

Fox Chase has over 250 volunteers who provide service throughout the Center each year. They contribute 50,000 hours of service. This is the equivalent of about 24 full-time employees.  They serve in over 60 different service areas and laboratories, assisting patients, families, scientists, and staff in a variety of ways. 

We are here to assist you develop volunteer support positions in a safe and responsible manner.  Volunteers may not replace paid staff members but their skills and talents may be used to supplement your staffing needs.  Our applicant pool covers a remarkable array of professional backgrounds. 

A Look at the Volunteer Services Department at Fox Chase

The staff of the FCCC Volunteer Services department is professionally trained in volunteer administration. We stand ready to serve as your partner in helping you design, manage, and maintain a strong and appropriate volunteer program for your area. Sometimes it is helpful to think about us as a human resource service to support you with your unpaid staff.

We will work with you to:

  • identify the appropriate role for the volunteers in your area/unit;
  • draft a volunteer job description that lists the primary and essential functions, qualifications and training you require;
  • recruit appropriate candidates and customize the acceptance process to meet your needs;
  • serve as a technical resource in supporting continuing education and annual updates for volunteers;
  • provide evaluation and exit questionnaires for volunteers in your area;
  • work with you as advisors and partners on corrective action concerns;
  • set parameters and work in partnership with you should it become necessary to dismiss a volunteer from the program.

For more information, see the internal Fox Chase web site.

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Helen Gordon
Director, Volunteer Services