The Cancer Genome Institute at Fox Chase

The Cancer Genome Institute at Fox Chase Cancer Center: promoting precision medicine in oncology by applying advanced DNA sequencing technology to patient care, prevention, and research.

The Future of Cancer Care

More than fifty years ago, the first genetic abnormality linked to cancer was discovered under a Fox Chase microscope. Today, Fox Chase remains at the forefront of cancer genomics through the Cancer Genome Institute (CGI).

The CGI anticipates the future of cancer care—a time when it will be common practice for a patient's tumor to be analyzed in order to identify relevant genetic mutations that will potentially inform their treatment.

Fox Chase is among the first institutions in the world to offer such a test—CancerCode™—which uses advanced technology to sequence 50 cancer-related genes in an individual's tumor. This "genetic blueprint" of the patient's cancer has the potential to enable physicians to match the patient with a precision drug that targets his or her specific cancer.

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Cancer Genome Institute Team

A Comprehensive Approach to Cancer Genomics

In addition to this breakthrough test, the CGI offers a wide array of genetic sequencing services for clinical and research purposes. In both realms, the facility employs the most cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology currently available, including the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine and the Illumina HiSeq 2000. Dedicated staff are rigorously trained to perform and analyze a wide variety of genetic sequencing tests.

As cancer medicine begins to rely increasingly on genetic testing, such as genomic tumor assessment, to provide more precise treatment information, the CGI puts Fox Chase at the leading edge of this movement.

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Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory - The CGI's clinical laboratory conducts a variety of molecular genetic tests for treatment and cancer risk assessment purposes, using the most advanced DNA sequencing technology (often referred to as next-generation sequencing) as well as a variety of traditional single gene tests.

Research Laboratory - Investigators requiring sequencing services for research experiments can utilize the expertise of the CGI Research Laboratory, which employs the most powerful instruments currently available to perform comprehensive genetic sequencing services.

CGI Leadership - The CGI brings collaboration from the center's leading clinical and research faculty.


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Clinical Genetics and the Evolution of Precision Medicine

A Lecture by Jeff Boyd, PhD

Jeff Boyd, PhD

From the early days of genome research to the next steps, Dr. Boyd explores Fox Chase's role in reaching the future.

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