Pathologists study the causes and progressions of disease. Pathology provides a scientific foundation for clinical medicine and serves as a bridge between the basic sciences and patient care.

The Department of Pathology directs Anatomic Pathology and ancillary services as well as the Clinical Laboratory. The philosophy of the department is to provide high quality diagnostic service and foster the clinical and research missions of the institution.

Pathology Staff List

Arthur S. Patchefsky, MD, Chair, Pathology

Harry S. Cooper, MD, Vice Chairman, Pathology

Essel Dulaimi Al-Saleem, MD, Staff Pathologist, 
Director, Outpatient Laboratory

Tahseen I. Al-Saleem, MD

Hormoz Ehya, MD, Chief, Cytopathology, Pathology

Douglas B. Flieder, MD, Director, Surgical Pathology, 
Director, Autopsy Pathology
Director, Fellowship Program

Yulan Gong, MD

Min Huang, MD, PhD

Hong Wu, MD, PhD, Director of Dermatopathology

Anatomic Pathology

Services in Autopsy, Cytogenetics, Cytology, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry, and Molecular Genetics in addition to Surgical Pathology provide up-to-date resources for diagnosis and research purposes. The department examines approximately 12,000 surgical cases and 4,000 non-GYN cytology cases per year, all of which are cancer related. The surgical pathology caseload is handled by surgical pathologists with clinical fellows, while cytopathologists and cytotechnologists run the cytology service, including a fine needle aspiration service. Immunohistochemical studies are performed in our College of American Pathologists-accredited immunohistochemistry laboratory. Tumor cytogenetics and molecular pathology services provide additional ancillary studies. The histology laboratory actively supports cancer center research in many ways.

Clinical Pathology

The outpatient/clinical pathology laboratory performs complete blood counts, differential counts, chemistry profiles, coagulation studies, and tumor markers. The laboratory provides phlebotomy services, usually on the same day as the patient's clinic visit, making it more convenient to have blood work performed. The outpatient laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists. In addition to providing services for our patients, the laboratory actively supports ongoing research protocols, as well as phlebotomy for genetic studies.