Risk Assessment Program

What to Expect

Our Risk Assessment Team—physicians, nurses, and genetic counselors—can help you determine your chances of getting cancer and whether you and your family members are at increased risk for certain types of cancers. Meet our Team

The risk assessment process involves:

A look at your own medical history

When you join our Risk Assessment Program we ask that you fill out a Health History Questionnaire. These questions will ask you about your personal and medical history and your family's cancer history. Completing the Health History Questionnaire before your first visit is important so your Risk Assessment Team has the information they need to help determine your cancer risk.

A way to learn your chance of getting a specific type of cancer

During your first visit you will meet with a Risk Assessment team member who will explain your personal risks for developing cancer. At this appointment you will talk about your family history of cancer and your personal and medical history. If appropriate, a team member will discuss genetic testing options with you.

A personal plan to reduce your cancer risk

Your Risk Assessment Team will develop a plan specialized for you to help lower risk and possibly prevent cancer from developing. If you already had cancer, your Risk Assessment Team will develop a plan to help prevent a new cancer. After your first assessment we may refer you to one of our high risk clinics that specialize in screening and prevention. To learn more about the high risk clinics at Fox Chase Cancer Center click here.

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