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The Molecular Therapeutics Program is a collaborative effort between basic science researchers and cancer physicians with expertise in clinical trials. We seek to understand the fundamental molecular events that drive cancer and exploit this knowledge in the development of novel therapeutics.

To meet our goals of creating new therapeutic agents and improving the application of existing agents, the members of the program have developed a set of priorities, namely to:

Support fundamental research into the molecular basis of protein-protein and protein-drug interactions.

  • Understand the essential rules that determine protein structure, folding, and interactions.
  • Develop and utilize methodologies for analyzing protein signaling interactions at the cellular network level.
  • Use structural and signaling information to design new, targeted therapeutic agents, including both antibodies and small molecules.
  • Support a robust clinical trials program that stresses the design, application, and evaluation of protein-targeted agents.

  • Generate new biomarkers for stratification of patients based on likelihood of response to specific therapeutic regimens.
  • Support robust Phase I and Phase II clinical trials programs.
  • Ensure access to and evaluation of new therapeutic agents emerging from academic labs or the private sector.
  • Create a highly interactive and collegial environment, in which researchers from basic and clinical arms of the program regularly exchange ideas, speeding translation between bench and clinic.
  • Projects

    Together, the members of the Molecular Therapeutics program are committed to creating a direct path from laboratory discovery to therapeutic trials designed to improve the treatment of cancer.

    1. Biomolecular Structure and Function
    2. Cancer Signaling
    3. Clinical and Molecular Therapeutics


    Co-leaders Dr. Wafik El-Deiry, Dr. Erica Golemis.

    The Molecular Therapeutics Program is comprised of a team of Researchers at Fox Chase seeking to understand the fundamental molecular events that drive cancer.
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