Table of Services

Biotechnology Facilities

The facilities and resources have been structured to fulfill the needs of the multi-disciplinary research programs at Fox Chase Cancer Center. The facilities and resources have been designed to enhance on-going research by supplying information, reagents, and technical expertise that are not readily available to the individual investigator.

DNA Sequencing Facility

The DNA Sequencing Facility (DSF) provides Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) investigators with computer-readable sequences of their DNA templates in a timely and cost-effective manner.  


High Throughput Screening

This facility provides support to investigators to pursue translational research projects by offering assay services and high throughput screening instrumentation and reagents.   The facility provides support for assay development, screen execution and secondary screening assays.  


Instrument Shop Facility

The Instrument Shop is centrally located in room 182 of the Reimann Building and available to support the varied and diverse needs of all the clinical and scientific research staff and programs. The equipment in the Facility consists of: milling machines, band saw, lathes, drill press, power and foot shears, box brake, notcher, one-ton arbor press, spot welder, belt sanders welder and a dry sand blaster. There is also a full complement of hand tools and related equipment to support the service.


Molecular Modeling Facility

The Molecular Modeling Facility provides state-of-the-art services in protein sequence analysis and structure prediction to FCCC investigators. These services include database search, multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic trees, secondary structure prediction, transmembrane, coiled-coil and disordered region prediction, homology modeling of single proteins and complexes, protein-protein and protein-ligand docking, and ligand design.


Organic Synthesis Facility

The primary purpose of the Organic Synthesis Facility is to produce the highest quality synthetic molecules for investigators in order to enhance scientific research conducted at the Center. The Facility focuses on the development of unique molecules or novel synthetic methods whenever possible. Members of the Facility also provide important services including purification of reagents, analyses of molecules and consultation to provide needed chemical information. Preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), distillation, recrystallization, and extraction are the most commonly used methods for purification of reagents, solvents and synthesized compounds. 


Spectroscopy Support Facility

The primary functions of the Spectroscopy Support Facility (SSF) are to maintain and operate instrumentation for high-field NMR and optical (fluorescence and circular dichroism) spectroscopy, to implement and develop methods for biomolecular studies, and to provide technical expertise and assistance to users.