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Biosample Repository Facility

  • Director:
  • Manager:
  • Staff:
    • Hong Wu, PhD, Pathologist
    • Kim Boland, Donor Recruitment, biospecimen collection & processing
    • Barbara D Dettore, Donor Recruitment, biospecimen collection & processing
    • Mary Donovan, Donor Recruitment, biospecimen collection & processing
    • Diane Faison, Donor Recruitment, biospecimen collection & processing
    • Cara Dubyk, Tissue collection, TMA construction and AQUA analysis
    • Mary P Gilroy, Donor Recruitment, biospecimen collection & processing
    • Karen Kaputa, Tissue collection, TMA construction and AQUA analysis
    • Gordon Pfeiffer, Donor Recruitment, biospecimen collection & processing
  • Contact:
  • Location
    & Phone
    • CPP CPP 2025 & C413
      1-888-831-6466, 215-214-1652 (recruitment)
  • Pricing &
    • Contact Ryan Winters for pricing and scheduling.


The Fox Chase Cancer Center Biosample Repository Facility is a resource of information and biosamples for researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center and potentially institutions in the United States around the world. The Biosample Repository obtains tissue and blood samples, along with personal data to support research on the causes of cancer and to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease.

The Biosample Repository coordinates the ethical collection, storage, annotation, and distribution of tissue and blood samples. After obtaining donor consent, the Biosample Repository collects tissues and blood samples, processes samples with strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, and assembles comprehensive clinical information.

Individuals attending a clinic at Fox Chase as well as relatives, employees and friends of FCCC are invited to sign an informed consent and to contribute a blood and/or tissue sample, as well as to complete family history, risk factor and demographic questionnaires. Donated tissue is obtained from extra tissue specimens remaining after pathologic review and diagnosis is made. Tissue can be made available as fresh, frozen, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded, or as part of tissue microarrays. Donated blood samples are separated into multiple aliquots of serum, plasma, viable lymphocytes, and DNA. Samples, as processed, are entered into a database that is used to code all donor identifying information, making all specimens anonymous. The database is also used to track sample type, quantity, freezer location, and distribution. Participant questionnaire data and clinical data are also entered into the database. The database is managed by a certified tumor registrar and is searchable for ad hoc queries to meet investigator needs.

Available biosamples are distributed by the BRF for use in interdivisional Advisory Committee and IRB approved research projects. The facility also supports special requests for the processing of human biosamples as part of grants awarded to Fox Chase investigators.

For more information about the Biosample Repository Facility at Fox Chase Cancer Center, call (toll free) 1-888-831-6466 to speak with a recruitment coordinator.

Access to Biosamples for Research

The Fox Chase Cancer Center's Biosample Repository makes blood specimens (i.e., whole blood, plasma, leukocytes, lymphoblastoid cell lines, and DNA isolated from leukocytes) and tissues (i.e., fresh frozen tissue, fixed paraffin embedded tissue, multi-tissue microarrays and tumor DNAs) collected by our facility available for research. Requests for blood and tissue will be reviewed by a panel of scientists and ranked. Priority will be given to those investigators with current NIGH/NCI funding, but will be made available as recommended by the advisory committee.

Below is the necessary form to complete for requesting samples. Please complete and return to Ryan Winters, BRF manager at or Also feel free to call the BRF at 215-214-1633 should you have any questions.
Download the form here:  BRF Tissue Request Form