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Anna Marie Skalka, PhD

Program Director

Margaret H. EinenkelAdministrative Coordinator
Reimann Building, Room R441

Every year, graduate students at Fox Chase Cancer Center carry out their thesis research under the supervision of Fox Chase faculty who hold adjunct faculty appointments at Drexel University College of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Lehigh University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University, along with members who participate in the Fox Chase-Russian State Medical University Sister Institute Program. Generally, these students have completed the major course work requirements for the doctoral degree and are engaged in full-time research. These graduate students serve a vital role in our training program, as they offer youth and enthusiasm in exchange for superb training by members of our faculty and postdoctoral contingent.

Graduate students can work at Fox Chase Cancer Center through participation in the following formal programs:

Fox Chase-Russian Institute Affiliations

Erica A. Golemis, PhD, Co-Chair, Supervisory Committee
Glenn F. Rall, PhD, Co-Chair, Supervisory Committee
Olga Favorova, PhD, DrSci, Co-Chair, Russian State Medical University, Moscow

Science is increasingly becoming an international enterprise. This trend reflects the desire of scientists to enhance the speed and quality of research efforts by taking advantage of skills and insights from colleagues around the world. In 1998, Fox Chase Cancer Center began an innovative program to simultaneously address the need of Fox Chase Cancer Center scientists for talented researchers, and the intrinsic desire of international students for advanced scientific training. Beginning with a first institutional partner, Russian State Medical University (RSMU) in Moscow, and subsequently expanding to include other partners, we have established a program of scientific exchange for enterprising Russian students to take advantage of the advanced technical and educational resources at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Upon their return to Russia, these students have been able to communicate their new expertise, and significantly enrich the intellectual atmosphere at their degree granting institutions. We view this program as an outstanding success, with a bright future. 

Drexel University College of Medicine Graduate School Alliance

Jane Clifford, PhD. Program Director, Drexel University College of Medicine

In 2003, Fox Chase Cancer Center initiated a graduate school alliance with Drexel University College of Medicine. Approximately a dozen Investigators from Fox Chase hold adjunct appointments in the graduate programs in Biochemistry, and in Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics (MCBG) at Drexel; these adjunct faculty participate in teaching and recruiting. In turn, Drexel graduate students may do laboratory rotations and thesis projects at Fox Chase. Several PhD. and MD/PhD students are already participating in this joint program. For complete information about how to apply and enter graduate training at Drexel, Read More. For information on the guidelines for performing thesis research at Fox Chase, Read More.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Affiliation

Jonathan Chernoff, MD, PhD, Program Director

Over the past five years, the Fox Chase Cancer Center and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have worked together to establish many cancer-related collaborative programs, such as defining what role viruses play in human cancers and understanding the basis for cancer progression. The partnership has led graduate students to pursue their degree research in Fox Chase labs. While not a formal graduate student program, it is hoped that this partnership will continue to grow and offer opportunities for BGU graduate students at Fox Chase.

Fox Chase-Temple University Alliance

Fox Chase has a newly formed alliance for graduate training with Temple University. For information about training at Temple, visit the program website. For more information please email Dr. Scott Shore.