Faculty Summaries
Tahseen I Al-Saleem, MD
Tahseen I Al-Saleem, MD
  • Ongoing Research Support

    The Keystone Program in Personalized Kidney Cancer Therapy:

    • Developing a database for Kidney Cancers - Co-Investigator
    • Immune host response to kidney cancer - Co-Principal Investigator

    The Keystone Program in Blood Cell Development and Cancer:

    • Developing database for hematopoietic cancers -  Co-Investigator
  • Completed Research Support
  • Early Detection of Cancer by Hypermethylation

    The major goals of this project are: 1) To validate the MSP molecular detection assay for the identification of cancer cell DNA in urine from 50 bladder and 50 renal cancers for simultaneous early diagnosis and molecular staging: 2) To construct progression models for bladder and renal genes in defined pathological stages from precursor lesions to tumors of all grades and stages from patients with and without a history of exposure to tobacco smoke: and 3) To investigate the inclusion of new markers and application of chip technology to the panel to better address the heterogeneity of genetic alterations in, and behavior of, bladder and renal cancer.

  • Radiation, Hormones & Antisense Prostate Cancer Therapy

    The major goals of this project are: 1) To test the efficacy of image-guided hypofractionated intensity modulated radiotherapy in a Phase III randomized trial of prostate cancer patients with intermediate-to-high risk prostate; 2) Establish the relationship of abnormal bcl-2 and bax expression to patient outcome after radiotherapy (RT) with and without androgen deprivation  (AD); and 3) Determine if antisense strategies based on reducing bcl-2 expression will improved prostate cancer response to AD, RT and AD+RT using tumor models.