Faculty Summaries
J Robert Beck, M.D.
J. Robert Beck, MD
  • Senior Vice President
  • Deputy Director
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • H.O. West and J.R. Wike Chair in Cancer Research

Recent Publications

  • Nghiem V, Davies K, Beck JR, Follen M, MacAulay C, Guillaud M, Cantor S. Economic evaluation of DNA ploidy analysis versus liquid-based cytology for cervical screening. British Journal of Cancer 112:1951-1957, 2015.
  • Wong YN, Egleston BL, Sachdeva KS, Eghan N, Pirollo M, Stump TK, Beck JR, Armstrong K, Schwartz JS, Meropol NJ. Cancer patients' trade-offs among efficacy, toxicity and out-of-pocket cost in the curative and non-curative setting. Medical Care 51:838-845, 2013.
  • Min H, Manion FJ, Goralczyk E, Wong Y-N, Ross E, Beck JR. Integration of prostate cancer clinical data using an ontology. Journal of Biomedical Informatics 42:1035-1045, 2009. [PMCID: PMC2784120]
  • Wong Y-N, Meropol NJ, Speier WF, Sargent D, Goldberg R, Beck JR. Cost implications of new treatments for advanced colorectal cancer. Cancer 115:2081-2091, 2009. [PMCID: PMC2875773]
  • Konski A, Hanlon A, Beck JR, Pollack A. Is proton beam therapy cost-effective in the treatment of adenocarcinoma of the prostate? Journal of Clinical Oncology 25:3603-3608, 2007.
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  • Bennett WG, Inoue Y, Beck JR, Wong JB, Pauker SG, Davis GL. Estimates of the cost-effectiveness of a single course of interferon alfa-2b in patients with histologically mild chronic hepatitis C. Annals of Internal Medicine 127:855-865, 1997.
  • Kattan MW, Inoue Y, Giles FJ, Talpaz M, Ozer H, Guilhot F, Zuffa E, Huber SL, Beck JR. Cost-effectiveness of alpha-interferon compared to conventional chemotherapy in chronic myelogenous leukemia. Annals of Internal Medicine 125:541-548, 1996.
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  • Helfand M, O’Connor GT, Zimmer-Gembeck M, Beck JR: Effect of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA ‘88) on the incidence of invasive cervical cancer. Medical Care 30:1067-1082, 1992.
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