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Yanis Boumber, MD, PhD
Yanis Boumber, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Investigator and Research Track
  • Thoracic Division, Department of Medical Oncology
Office Phone: (215) 728-3135
Office: W470

Tumor Drivers and New Treatments in Lung Cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer remains the deadliest of cancers, and despite many advances in therapeutic management, the five-year survival rate this disease remains very low. The long-term goal of my laboratory is to establish an expertise in translational research addressing lung cancer biology and the treatment of thoracic malignancies.
Part of our research focuses on the role of Musashi-2 (Msi2) in non-small cell lung cancer. The Musashi family of RNA-binding protein regulates mRNA translation to control numerous cancer-related signaling processes. Our preliminary studies for the first time identified Msi2 as an oncogene driving lung cancer progression. We are using mouse models, human cell lines, and analysis of primary tumor samples to define to function of Msi2. The goal of this work is to obtain a better understanding of the events contributing to lung cancer progression, with the anticipation that this knowledge will support more effective use of targeted and cytotoxic therapies in the clinical setting.  
Another important focus of the laboratory is small cell lung cancer (SCLC).  This is an aggressive and deadly disease, with essentially no effective treatments, no new drugs approved in recent decades, and no targeted agents in existence. We are currently evaluating a new class of drugs developed by Synta Pharmaceuticals which use anticancer drugs conjugated to an HSP90–binding moiety as a novel way to deliver anticancer agents directly to tumors. In the lab, we focused on pre-clinical safety and efficacy and mechanistic studies of this new compound in cell lines and in mice. The proposed study could be a step forward to development of future effective treatment strategies for small cell lung cancer patients.

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Selected Publications
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