Faculty Summaries
Qi Kathy Cai, MD, PhD
Kathy Q. Cai, MD, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
  • Co-Director, Histopathology Facility
Office Phone: 215-214-3208
Fax: 215-728-3139
Office: W232
  • Lab Overview

    My research interest focuses on developing and improving histopathology-related technologies to support basic and translational research projects involving cell signaling, molecular carcinogenesis and animal modeling.  These approaches include immunohistochemistry, quantitative image analysis using Aperio technology and AQUA (a automatic quantitation platform for immunohistochemistry), laser capture microdissection, and other technologies.  With these cutting-edge technologies, I have been working closely with other investigators supporting their projects by providing  histopathological evaluations and IHC marker quantifications.

    My long-term research interests include understanding the molecular mechanism of ovarian cancer initiation and development. Research projects completed or in progress include quantitative image analysis of biomarkers on ovarian cancer tissue microarrays,  molecular characterization of initiation and progression of ovarian cancer, mouse modeling of ovarian cancer, and studies of early mouse embryonic development.

    In my capacity as Co-Director of the Histopathology Facility, I support cancer center members in interpreting results from tissues derived from animal models of human cancer. The rodent models in which I work or have worked are: ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, kidney cancer and polycystic disease, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and lymphoma, etc.