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James S. Duncan, PhD
James S. Duncan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 215-728-2565
Lab Phone: 215-728-2565
Office: P3039

Exploring the cancer kinome through chemical proteomics

  • Unlocking the therapeutic potential of the "untargeted kinome."
  • Designing novel combination therapies for the treatment of cancer.
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    1. Duncan, JS. Whittle, MC. Nakamura, K. Abell, AN. Midland, AA. Zawistowski, JS. Johnson, NL. Granger, DA. Vincent, NJ. Darr, DB. Usary, J. Kuan, PF. Smalley, DM. Major, B. He, X. Hoadley, K. Zhou, B. Sharpless, NE. Perou, CM. Kim, WY. Gomez, SM. Chen, X. Jin, J. Frye, SV. Earp, HS. Graves, LM. Johnson, GL. (2012) Dynamic reprogramming of the kinome in response to targeted MEK inhibition in triple negative breast cancer. Cell. 149(2): 307-321.
    3. Duncan, JS. Turowec, JP. Wu, C. Duncan, KE. Vilk, G. Wu, C. Luscher, B. Li, SC. Gloor, GB. Litchfield, DW. (2011) A peptide-based target screen implicates the protein kinase CK2 in the global regulation of caspase signaling. Sci Signal, 4(172): ra30.
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