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Richard R Hardy, PhD
Richard R Hardy, PhD
  • Director, DNA Sequencing Facility
  • Director, Cell Sorting Facility
Office Phone: 215-728-2469
Lab Phone: 215-728-2463
Fax: 215-728-2412
Office: R385
Research Interests


  • Regulation of B cell development in fetal liver and bone marrow.
  • Fetal B cell development mediated by Lin28b/Let-7 and Arid3a.
  • Role of pre-BCR and BCR in selecting B cells into functionally distinct B cell subsets.
Description of research projects
Selected Publications
    1. Zhou, Y., Li, Y.-S., Bandi, S.R., Tang, L., Shinton, S.A., Hayakawa, K., and Hardy, R.R. Lin28b promotes fetal B lymphopoiesis through the transcription factor Arid3a. J. Exp. Med. 212:569-580, 2015. PMC4387290 PMID25753579
    2. Ichikawa, D., M. Asano, S.A. Shinton, J. Brill-Dashoff, A.M. Formica, A. Velcich, R.R. Hardy, and K. Hayakawa. Natural anti-intestinal goblet cell autoantibody production from marginal zone B cells. J. Immunol 2194:606-614, 2015. PMC4282382 PMID25480561
    3. Shukla, V., S. Ma, R.R. Hardy, S.S. Joshi, and R. Lu. A role for IRF4 in the development of CLL. Blood 122:2848-2855, 2013. PMC3798999 PMID23926303
    4. Cooper C.L., Hardy R.R., Reth M., and Desiderio, S. Non-cell-autonomous hedgehog signaling promotes murine B lymphopoiesis from hematopoietic progenitors. Blood 119:5438-5448, 2012. PMC3369680 PMID22517907
    5. Painter, M.W., Davis, S., Hardy, R.R., Mathis, D., and Benoist, C. Transcriptomes of the B and T Lineages Compared by Multiplatform Microarray Profiling. J Immunol 186:3047-3057, 2011. PMC3140206 PMID21307297
    6. Amin, R.H., D. Cado, H. Nolla, D. Huang, S.A. Shinton, Y. Zhou, R.R. Hardy, and M.S. Schlissel. Biallelic, ubiquitous transcription from the distal germline Ig{kappa} locus promoter during B cell development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:522-527, 2009. PMC2626736 PMID19116268
    7. Kadariya, Y., Yin, B., Tang, B., Shinton, S.A., Quinlivan, E.P., Hua, X., Klein-Szanto, A., Al-Saleem, T.I., Bassing, C.H., Hardy, R.R., Kruger, W.D. Mice heterozygous for germline mutations in methylthioadenosine phosphorylase (MTAP) die prematurely of T-cell lymphoma. Cancer Res. 69:5961-5969, 2009. PMC2757012 PMID19567676
    8. Zhang, H., S. Rosenberg, F. J. Coffey, Y. W. He, T. Manser, R. R. Hardy and J. Zhang. A role for cFLIP in B cell proliferation and stress MAPK regulation. J Immunol 182: 207-215, 2009. PMC2720129 PMID19109151
    9. Rowley, B.M., Tang, L., Shinton, S.A., Hayakawa, K., and Hardy, R.R.. Autoreactive B-1 B Cells: Constraints on Natural Autoantibody B Cell Antigen Receptors. Journal of Autoimmunity, 29:236-245, 2007. PMC2096705 PMID17889506
    10. Kitaura, Y., Jang, I.K., Wang, Y., Han, Y.C., Inazu, T., Cadera, E.J., Schlissel, M., Hardy, R.R., and Gu, H. Control of the B cell-intrinsic tolerance programs by ubiquitin ligases Cbl and Cbl-b. Immunity 26:567-578, 2007. PMC1948079 PMID17493844
    11. Rumfelt, L.L., Zhou, Y., Rowley, B.M., Shinton, S.A., and Hardy, R.R. Lineage specification and plasticity in CD19– early B cell precursors. J. Exp. Med. 203: 675-687, 2006. PMC2118241 PMID16505143
    12. Wen, L., Brill-Dashoff, J., Shinton, S. A., Asano, M., Hardy, R. R., and Hayakawa, K. Evidence of marginal-zone B cell- positive selection in spleen. Immunity 23, 297-308, 2005. Wen, L., Shinton, S.A., Hardy, R.R., Hayakawa, K. Association of B-1 B cells with follicular dendritic cells in spleen. J. Immunol. 174:6918-6926, 2005. PMID16169502
    13. Maier H, Ostraat R, Gao H, Fields S, Shinton SA, Medina KL, Ikawa T, Murre C, Singh H, Hardy RR, Hagman J. Early B cell factor cooperates with Runx1 and mediates epigenetic changes associated with mb-1 transcription. Nat Immunol. 2004 5:1069-1077. PMID15361869
    14. Hayakawa K, Asano M, Shinton SA, Gui M, Wen LJ, Dashoff J, Hardy RR. Positive selection of anti-Thy-1 autoreactive B-1 cells and natural serum autoantibody production independent from bone marrow B cell development. J Exp Med. 2003 197:87-99. PMC2193793 PMID12515816
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