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Ranee Mehra, MD
Ranee Mehra, MD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests

My clinical and research interests focus on head and neck cancers, including thyroid and salivary gland malignancies and thoracic malignancies. I am a clinical investigator with an interest in developmental therapeutics. I also focus on evaluating biomarkers as they relate to head and neck tumor characteristics and prognosis, with the goal of eventually being able to optimize care based on a tumor’s biomarker profile. I am interested in incorporating novel agents in the management of head and neck and thoracic malignancies and have been either the principal or co-Investigator for clinical trials utilizing targeted therapies and immune checkpoint inhibitors. For instance, currently I am Co-PI of the ALK arm of the NCI Match clinical trial. I am also a Member of the ECOG Head and Neck Committee.

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