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Suraj Peri, PhD
Suraj Peri, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 215-214-4281
Office: R433

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  • Research Interests

    Cancer is a multi-step malignancy, where mutations in many genes lead to systematic alterations in a cell at molecular level. These alterations can be evaluated and studied at the level of the "transcriptome" (the complete set of gene products made by a cell), using microarray technology. Gene/transcript microarrays have been used extensively to evaluate the transcriptomes of various cancers for over a decade, but in the past individual studies have not been compared effectively, reducing their impact. Given the multiple large data sets now available, there is a significant potential for research efforts that combine, compare, and "mine" the data from these many studies, to yield important insights into the functional importance of common gene profiles that characterize various cancers.

    The research performed in our lab functionally assesses genes involved in cancers from organs that present both adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. We use functional annotation and bioinformatics methods to combine gene expression and molecular abundance data from high throughput genomic experiments. These data mining methods in associating gene expression profiles from head and neck versus skin, esophagus, lung and cervical cancers is targeted towards improving cancer diagnosis and treatment.