Faculty Summaries
Valentin Robu
Valentin Robu, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
  • Research Interests

    My research interest is studying the immunologic background of low-grade lymphomas and plasma cell neoplasms and understanding its role in disease progression and outcome.  One way to address this question is to analyze the lymphocytes subtypes in peripheral blood or bone marrow specimens using high-level multicolor flow cytometry.  The advantage of this method is that low volume subpopulations of lymphocytes can be accurately identified and followed during the disease progression.  The presence or absence of different subtypes can be correlated with the clinical outcome and eventually developed into prognostic, persistence or impending relapse markers.  This work will be done in collaboration with Drs. Cohen, Al-Saleem and Campell using fresh peripheral blood and bone marrow samples of patients seen at Fox Chase Cancer Center.  Additionally this method can bring new insights into the immunophenotypic profile of lymphoma cells since they can be analyzed with multiple markers at the same time.  Thus a malignant population can be more reliable be followed in time for evidence of minimal residual disease.