Array Explorer™ — Image-Processing Software for cDNA Microarray Analysis

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Microarrays are an essential tool in the analysis of gene expression. Dr. Christos Patriotis and colleagues have created a reliable and state-of-the-art software tool — Array Explorer™ — that accurately interprets gene expression intensity values from filtered microarray images. Array Explorer™ image-processing software resolves the problems of data noise, spot saturation and spot overlap that frequently challenge researchers performing microarray data analysis using radioactively labeled cDNA probes.

Array Explorer™ utilizes a user-friendly multiple window interface along with numerous automatic and manual features to deliver highly accurate and robust array data extraction. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows with at least 10 MB available disk space for installation.


  • Efficient and reliable tool for fast and accurate interpretation of gene expression intensity values
  • Automatic exportation of gene expression intensities in a spreadsheet/text file format provides streamless integration with other bioinformatics software for further analysis and data mining


Fox Chase Cancer Center is seeking commercial partners who are active in the deployment of bioinformatics solutions, in particular, microarray data management tools for licensing and collaboration.


P.C. Patriotis et al., "Array Explorer™, a Program in Visual Basic for Robust and Accurate Filter cDNA Array Analysis," 2001, BioTechniques 31:862-872.

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