Annual Report, Forward, and more Fox Chase Cancer Center Publications
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Selected photographs from the Fox Chase Cancer Center archives.

1905 - Original American Oncologic Hospital

The original building for the American Oncological Hospital which opened January 4 1905.

Stanley P. Reimann at his desk

Stanley P. Reimann was the founding director of what in 1927 would become the Lankenau Hospital Research Institute.

The Lankenau Research Hospital

The Lankenau Research Hospital, which opened in 1927.

An aerial view of Jeanes Hospital after opening in 1928

An aerial view of Jeanes Hospital after opening in 1928

The Marine Experimental Station

The Marine Experimental Station, which operated in the 1930s and '40s in North Truro, Massachusetts.

The trading post in 1958

The Trading Post thrift and consignment shop was established by volunteers in 1958 to support research at Fox Chase Cancer Center. The shop continued to operate until 2013.

1964 ground breaking of Fox Chase Cancer Center

The 1964 ground breaking of Fox Chase Cancer Center featuring Stanley P. Reimann and Timothy R. Talbot

SCID Mouse

In 1980 Melvin Bosma, Ph. D discovers a mouse strain with severe combined immune deficiency (SCID). These mice have become a valuable research tool for studying many diseases, including cancer and HIV.

The Cancer Prevention Pavilon

In 2000 in 120,000 square foot Cancer Prevention Pavilion opens.

Nurses celebrate achieving Magnet status

Fox Chase nursed celebrate being the first U.S cancer center and the first hospital in Pennsylvania to earn the American Nurses Association Magnet Award in 2000.

Rose winning the nobel prize

Irwin A. "Ernie" Rose, PhD winning the 2004 Prize for a series of epoch-making biochemical studies on the breakdown of proteins within cells.

100th anniversery image

Nobel Prize winners Irwin Rose (l) and Baruch Blumberg (r), and senior advisor to the Fox Chase President Alfred Knudson (c) celebrating Fox Chase Cancer Center's 100th anniversary in 2004.  

Celebrating 25 years of partnership

In 2011, Fox Chase celebrated 25 years of partnership with community-based hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Dr. Larry Kaiser and Dr. Michael Seiden shakes hands

Dr. Larry Kaiser, President and CEO of Temple University Health System (left) and Dr. Michael Seiden, President and CEO of Fox Chase Cancer Center, shake hands after closing on the final agreement that brings Fox Chase Cancer Center into Temple University Health System. July 2012.

Richard I. Fisher, MD

Richard I. Fisher, MD, named President and CEO, Fox Chase Cancer Center, July 29, 2013

A helicopter view of Fox Chase Cancer Center today.

A helicopter view of Fox Chase Cancer Center today.