Awards and Honors 2006

Fox Chase Cancer Center
Received top ranking in the region and sixth-place ranking in the nation as Best Place to Work in a survey of postdoctoral researchers conducted by the trade magazine, The Scientist.

Gregory P. Adams, PhD
Scientific Advisory Panel: IBC's 5th International Recombinant Antibodies Congress, Zurich, Switzerland
Session Chairman and Invited Speaker: "Enhancing Tumor Targeting Specificity by Co-Targeting Two Tumor Associated Antigens," IBC's 5th International Recombinant Antibodies Congress, Zurich, Switzerland
Invited Speaker: "Cancer Imaging and Therapy with Anti-HER2 Diabodies," American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists National Biotechnology Conference, Boston, MA; "HER2 Antibodies for Cancer Therapy," International Society of Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine (ISOBM) Annual Meeting, Pasadena, CA; "Enhancing Tumor Targeting Specificity," Rudbeck Laboratories, University of Uppsala, Sweden; "Antibody-based Tumor Targeting and Therapy," Departments of Immunology, Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Physics, Umea University, Sweden

Penny R. Anderson, MD
Keynote Address at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gynecology Oncology Group

Alfonso Bellacosa, MD, PhD
Invited Speaker: "Microarray Analysis of LCM-Dissected Colorectal Tumors" and Session Chairman: "Clinical Applications of LCM," Getting Optimized Targets Summit-Laser Capture Microscopy Meeting, Boston, MA

Baruch S. Blumberg, MD, PhD
Awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA
Inaugural Lecture: Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
First United Therapeutics Lecture in Virology, Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University, "Hepatitis B. The first cancer vaccine"
Appointed Trustees' Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Hepatitis B Foundation, Doylestown, PA

Denise C. Connolly, PhD
Invited Lectures: 1st International Conference on Ovarian Cancer: State of the Art and Future Directions, Crete, Greece, "Modeling Ovarian Cancer Through Transgenic Approaches"
Creative Beginnings (Fox Chase Cancer Center's day care)
Received the 2006 Best Place to Work Award from the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children

Edna Cukierman, PhD
Received The AACR Career Development Award 2006-2007; The W.W Smith Charitable Trust Award 2005-2007
Invited Lecturer/Speaker: Tumor Microenvironment Interest Group Seminar Series, at the Wistar Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology Seminar Series, at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA; Gastroenterology Division Seminar Series, at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; Pennsylvania Muscle Institute Seminar Series, at the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Karthik Devarajan, PhD
Invited Review: "Non-Negative Matrix Factorization in Computational Biology - a Review." In Neuroscience Reviews, PLoS Computational Biology, June 2006

Jenny Pickworth Glusker, DPhil, DSc
Guest Plenary Speaker: The Mid-Hudson Section of the American Chemical Society, 7th Annual Undergraduate Chemistry Research Symposium, Vassar College, "How Three-Dimensional Structures of Molecules are Determined: A Historical Survey" Invited Plenary Lectures: Inaugural Dorothy Crowfoot Symposium, The University of Zurich-Irchel, "Dorothy Hodgkin: The Quest to View the Molecules of Life"; (Visiting Professor, International Union of Crystallography), 2nd Turkish Crystallographic Meeting Kayseri, Turkey, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey, "21st Century Structure Determination by Diffraction Methods: What do Students Need to Know" and "Hydrogen and Metal Ions in Proteins"
Invited Talk: LANSCE Joint Neutron Scattering School in Soft and Condensed Matter and Structural Biology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, "Neutron Biomolecular Crystallography for Studying Enzyme Mechanisms"

Erica A. Golemis, PhD
Invited Speaker at the FASEB Summer Conference on GTPases

Elizabeth Petri Henske, PhD
Elected to Board of Directors, the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

Eileen K. Jaffe, PhD
Inaugural Induction into the Academic Hall of Fame, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY Received the 2006 Elizabeth W. Bingham Award from the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association for Women in Science
Invited Speaker: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA; Gordon Research Conference on Enzymes, CoEnzymes & Metabolic Pathways, Biddeford, ME; Emory University, Atlanta GA; Delaware Valley Enzymology Club, Springfield, PA; Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

V. Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc
Awarded the American Cancer Society Award for Chemoprevention from the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Invited Speaker: AstraZeneca Science Lecturer, Royal Australasian Surgical Society, Annual Meeting, Sydney Australia; Opening Plenary Lecture, Japanese Breast Cancer Society, Annual Meeting, Kanazawa, Japan; American Cancer Society Award Lecture, American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA; Successful Translational Research with SERMS, Professor Manfred Kaufmann Symposium, Frankfurt, Germany
Received the 2007 Gregory Pincus Memorial Award and Medal, Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, University of Massachusetts Medical School Elected to Board of Directors for the American Association for Cancer Research (2007-2010)

Warren D. Kruger, PhD
Received: American Heart Association Researcher Award
Invited Speaker: "Defects in Methionine Metabolism and Human Disease," Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Institute, Oakland CA; "Lowering Plasma Homocysteine Levels by Modulation of Cystathionine Beta-Synthase," Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Merck, Rahway NJ; "The Role of Methylthioadenosine Phosphorylase Deletion in Human Cancer," University of Iowa Cancer Center, Iowa City, IA Distinguished Lecturer: "How to Fix a Broken Protein: Lessons from Cystathionine Beta-Synthase," Department of Pharmacology, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Kim LeMaitre, MS
Received the Spirit of CIS Award for the Atlantic Region from the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service (CIS)

Sharon L. Manne, PhD
Elected Fellow: Pediatric Psychology Division 54, American Psychological Association
Appointed: Council Representative, Division 38, American Psychological Association Invited Lecturer/Speaker: Cancer and Marriage: State of the Science. Plenary Session: Family Caregiving as the cornerstone of survivorship: A lifespan approach, Richard Schulz, Chair, Third Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference, Cancer Survivorship: Embracing the Future; Relationship Processes in Patients with Cancer, Sexual Medicine Rounds, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Neal J. Meropol, MD
Invited Lecturer/Speaker: "Costs of Cancer Care in the 21st Century: Challenges and Solutions," Special Education Session Chair, American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA; "Understanding the costs and benefits of colon cancer treatment," Discussant, Gastrointestinal (Colorectal) Cancer poster discussion session, American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA; "The rising cost of cancer care: is there a problem and what can ECOG do to help?" Young Investigator Award Presentation, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Semiannual meeting, Washington, D.C.; "Economic impact of the treatment of GI cancer: can we afford it?" 8th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer, Barcelona
Appointed (Elected): Chairman of GI Intergroup Colon Cancer Task Force

Suzanne M. Miller, PhD
Fellow: Society of Behavioral Medicine, (2006 - )
Chair, Invited Paper: Session on Decision Making in Cancer, Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, San Francisco, CA
Chair, Invited Symposium: "What Numbers Could Be: The Role of Numeracy in Understanding and Communicating Cancer Risk and Management Information," Annual Meeting of the American Society of Preventive Oncology, Bethesda, MD Invited Keynote Speaker: "Cognitive and Emotional Aspects of the Response to Cancer Risk," Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR), University of Crete, Rethymnon, Crete, Greece Invited Presentation: "Behavioral Interventions: Revelations from Health Behavior Research," Conference on Beyond the Genome: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Through Genetic Counseling, Sponsored by National Society of Genetic Counselors, Nashville, TN
Invited Chair: Cancer Prevention and Control Session, ACS Postdoctoral Fellows Symposium, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Albuquerque, NM

Monica Morrow, MD
Received: Alumni Achievement Award, Jefferson Medical College
Named Lectures: Helen Shingleton Lecture, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI; Shibata Lecture, Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology, Montreal, Canada; Inaugural William Coon Lecture, University of Michigan, Detroit, MI; Foundation Lecture, Breast Section, Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Sydney, Australia; Semmes Lecture in Women's Oncology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Jeffrey R. Peterson, PhD
Invited Speaker: FASEB Meeting on Regulation and Function of Small GTPases, Saxtons River, VT, "Small-molecule inhibitors of p21-activated kinase 1 (Pak1)" Received: American Association for Cancer Research-Fox Chase Cancer Center Career Development Award in Translational Cancer Research

John A. Ridge, MD, PhD
Secretary: American Head & Neck Society

Mary E. Ropka, PhD, RN, FAAN
Invited Participant: NIH State-of-the-Science Conference on Tobacco Use: Prevention, Cessation, and Control, Panel Member, Bethesda, MD

Davide Ruggero, PhD
Invited Speaker: "Impairments in IRES-Mediated Translational Control Underlie X-linked Dyskeratosis Congenita," Ribosome Synthesis Conference, Warrenton, VA; "Role of rRNA Modifications In Translation Control and Human Disease," Cold Spring Harbor; "Alterations in Translation Control and Cell Growth in Mouse Models Provide Novel Insights into Cancer and Disease," University of Ottawa

Irma H. Russo, MD
Invited Speaker: "Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer by Hormone-Induced Differentiation," 4th International Conference Cancer Prevention, St. Gallen, Switzerland; "Breast Cancer Prevention in Latinas - Race, Inheritance and Environment (Prevencion del Cancer de Mama en Mujeres Latinas -Raza, Herencia y el Medio Ambiente)," Sponsored Pittsburgh Latino Health Advocacy and Leadership Program, Pittsburgh, PA; "Epidemiological Clues on Breast Cancer Risk and Prevention," Breast Cancer Scientific Session at the Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Symposium, sponsored by CMDA, PUSO, APSDE, ECP, OMED, CRPF, and ACS, International Convention Center, Beijing, China
Panel Member: Quinquennial Review of the Breast Cancer Biology Group: Programme Grant Application. Director: Dr. Joy Burchell, Guy's Hospital, London
Chair: Scientific Symposium, "Tumor microenvironments and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition," Endocrine Society Meeting in Boston, MA

Jose Russo, MD
Plenary Speaker: "Biology of Primary Prevention," and "The Estrogen Pathway in Breast Cancer Prevention," International Symposium on Cancer Prevention and Early Detection, Beijing, China; "Breast Cancer," XXXIV Jornadas Aniversario Dr. Gerardo Hernandez Munos, Caracas Venezuela; "Estrogen and Breast Cancer," VII Argentinean Congress on Climacteric Mendoza, Argentina; "The Role of Estrogen in Breast Cancer," VII Jornadas de Atencion al paciente oncologico, Palacios de Congresos, Peniscola, Spain; "Genotoxicity of Estrogens in the Initiation of Mammary Cancer," VI Conference on Breast Cancer, Progetto Amazone, Palermo, Italy
Chair: Epidemiology and Prevention Session, 14th Meeting of the International Society of Senology, Zagreb, Croatia

John M. Taylor, PhD
Bruce Witte Distinguished Lecturer: Hepatitis B Foundation, Doylestown, PA Invited Speaker: Conference on Virus Structure and Assembly, Algarve, Portugal; Tumor Virology Program, Henle Symposium, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, PA; American Society for Virology, Madison, WI
Invited Chairperson and Speaker: International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease, Paris, France

Joseph R. Testa, PhD
Received the 2006 Distinguished Alumnus Award from Southern Connecticut State University

Robert G. Uzzo, MD
Visiting Professor: Bunts - Hackler Visiting Professor in Urology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Patricia Weeks
Received the Bayh-Dole Award from the Association of University Technology Managers

Patricia Weeks
Received the Bayh-Dole Award from the Association of University Technology Managers

David L. Wiest, PhD
Invited Speaker: Experimental Immunology Branch Seminars, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD; University of Virginia Carter Immunology Center Seminar Series; Pennsylvania State University Center of Molecular Immunology and Infectious Diseases Seminar Series, University Park, PA; Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Research Forum; Leiden University Medical Center Immunology Seminar Series, Leiden, NL; Department of Microbiology and Immunology Seminar Series, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

Kenneth S. Zaret, PhD
Awarded grant from the International Union Against Cancer, Geneva, Switzerland Visiting Professor: Institut Pasteur
Merit Award: National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH (2006-2016)
Organizer: FASEB International Conference, Vermont, "Transcriptional Regulation During Cell Growth, Differentiation, and Development"