Breast Cancer Patient Stories

  • Doreen Benedict

    Doreen Benedict

    The early part of 2008 was supposed to be filled with all sorts of positive milestones for 68 year old Doreen Benedict. She had been blessed with a great-granddaughter in November of 2007, her husband was retiring at the end of February, and in March she and her husband were scheduled to travel to her native England to visit family and friends. When a routine mammogram detected Stage 3 breast cancer in February, Doreen's plans were changed, but thanks to the doctors at Fox Chase Cancer Center, the trip was not cancelled, only postponed.

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  • Judith Bernstein

    Judith Bernstein

    A long time resident of Ambler, Judith Bernstein, was enjoying a blessed life. She has a devoted husband, Arnold, a son, a daughter and beautiful grandchildren who are the love of her life. She had been diagnosed with numerous squamous cell skin carcinomas that were successfully removed. But there is much more to Judy.

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  • Judi Blue

    Judi Blue

    They say attitude is everything, and breast cancer survivor Judi Blue is a prime example. She has spent over five years dealing with the disease—and nearly as long spreading uplifting messages of hope and tranquility to others going through the same ordeal. In fact, Judi’s positive attitude about cancer stretches back to before she was even diagnosed. Her yearly “birthday gift” helped Judi catch her cancer.

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  • Michele Cornfield

    Michele Cornfield

    When Michele Cornfield received a call following her mammogram, she figured it was not good news. "They only call if something is wrong," she shared. Further testing confirmed that Michele had Stage II B breast cancer, meaning the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.

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  • Barbara Davis

    Barbara Davis

    When Barbara Davis reflects on the spring of 2003, it was a busy time. She and her husband, Howard, were managing the activities and school work for their 3 daughters, who were about to finish 5th, 8th and 10th grades. However, life stopped for a split second when Barbara discovered a small lump during a breast self-exam in May. Coincidentally, she was scheduled for her yearly mammogram just 4 days later. Much to her surprise, the lump did not appear on the mammogram. An ultrasound was performed which indicated that there was, in fact, a tumor. With results in hand, Barbara was referred to Marcia Boraas, MD, a surgeon at Fox Chase who specialized in breast tumors.

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