Clinical-Trials Patient Stories

  • Warren Chambers

    Warren Chambers

    In the fall of 2007, 50-year-old Warren Chambers experienced trouble swallowing after completing his normal morning workout routine. A visit to a nearby hospital emergency room the next day revealed a growth in his stomach. Friends and colleagues in the medical field suggested Warren go to Fox Chase.

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  • Stephanie Haney

    Stephanie Haney

    Stephanie Haney admits her life isn’t anything like she thought it would be. “I am more grateful, more living life in the moment, and more focused on the big picture than I ever expected to be,” she explains. Stephanie watches her children more closely than she used to and tries to celebrate more moments and create more meaningful experiences than she had been. “I am less afraid and more faithful. I live with terminal lung cancer.”

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  • Arlene Koller

    Arlene Koller

    Arlene Koller is no stranger to adversity. She lost her first husband when he suffered a massive heart attack, leaving Arlene with 3 small boys to care for. She was the treasurer of a wholesale paper business. After she lost her husband, Arlene added the responsibility of presidency of her late husband's chemical business. Arlene later remarried, and in 2000, she and her husband began to travel the world.

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  • Robin Luber

    Robin Luber

    If you have a question about Fox Chase Cancer Center, ask Robin Luber. She spends every Wednesday volunteering at Fox Chase so you are likely to see her walking the halls helping patients and families or in the Family Surgical Waiting Lounge. She also volunteers in Social Services assisting the social workers with administrative tasks. "I love this job," shared Robin. "I help patients, their families, and the staff. It's very rewarding." And that's coming from a former patient.

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  • Jesus Calderon

    Jesus Calderon

    Understanding body changes and symptoms can sometimes be challenging. At age 55 in March, 2009, Jesus “Jess” Calderón was experiencing muscle spasms and lower back pain. At first he thought the pain may be caused by kidney stones. His devoted wife, Inez, suggested he see his family doctor for a full evaluation. Diagnostic scans revealed a mass the size of a cantaloupe on Jess’ left kidney.  The malignant neoplasm was treated by a nephrectomy to remove his left kidney in October 2009 at his local hospital.

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