Clinical-Trials Patient Stories

  • Theresa DiSalvo

    Theresa DiSalvo

    For several months, Theresa DiSalvo attributed an ongoing dry cough to her allergies. She didn’t think to pursue the symptom further. However, in the spring of 2013, she was rear-ended in a traffic accident and her life was about to change drastically. After being taken to the emergency room to assess her injuries, she was referred to an orthopedist for further evaluation of her back.

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  • Richard Frantz

    Richard Frantz

    In 2010, at the age of 63, Richard Frantz spent his days managing the family excavation and construction business in Monroe County, PA, where he operated heavy equipment, met with clients, and handled company matters. Active and healthy, Richard realized he needed to see a urologist when he experienced urgency in urinating and pain after urination. After several rounds of tests, physicians diagnosed Richard with bladder cancer.  

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  • Kevin Galligan

    Kevin Galligan

    In July 2012, Kevin Galligan returned from a business trip to the Middle East with a respiratory infection and a bad cough. His internist prescribed an antibiotic and suggested a chest X-Ray. After several days on the drug, the cough and related symptoms were gone and Kevin was feeling well. The following week, Kevin’s doctor called with the X-Ray results, pointing out an issue on his right lung. Kevin promptly met with a pulmonologist.

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  • Janice GaNun

    Janice GaNun

    In 2008, Janice GaNun was halfway to her goal of section-hiking the Appalachian Trail when she hit a bump in the road. This active 57-year-old experienced GI symptoms and sought medical attention. Just hours after an ultrasound of her lower GI region, Janice received a phone call from her doctor, who delivered the frightening news that she had a large mass in her pancreas. “My doctor urged me to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center for diagnosis and, if possible, surgery,” she recalled. Janice saw medical oncologist Crystal S. Denlinger, MD, a member of the Fox Chase Cancer Center gastrointestinal cancer treatment team.

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  • Charlette Gray

    Charlette Gray

    It’s been a balancing act for Charlette Gray as she’s juggled a career and a family quite successfully. During a business trip in the summer, 2011, Charlette discovered a lump in her breast. When she returned home, Charlette arranged an exam by her internist. “During my appointment, she scheduled for me to have an ultrasound which confirmed the lump,” recalls Charlette. “This all happened on a Friday and on Monday, I had the biopsy that confirmed that it was lobular breast cancer.  I was able to have a consultation with a surgeon in my home town that same week who advised me of my options.”  

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