Frank McAndrew

Colon Cancer Patient Stories

Colon Cancer with Metastasis to the Abdominal Lymph Nodes
Frank McAndrew

Frank McAndrew hoped he was through with cancer in 2000, when he had successful surgery and chemotherapy to treat colon cancer. But ten years later, in November 2010 at the age of 65, Frank had a routine CAT scan which revealed a tumor in Frank’s lower abdomen. Because it was in a precarious place, on the left ventricle going down his leg, he was not a candidate for sugery. Frank's doctor recommended he go to Fox Chase Cancer Center for treatment.

CyberKnife at Fox Chase was determined to be the best course of treatment.

Frank met with Fox Chase surgical oncologist James C. Watson, MD, FACS, who performed a biopsy and diagnosed Frank with colon cancer that had spread to the abdominal lymph nodes. He concurred that surgery was not a viable option and instead suggested that CyberKnife, administered by Dr. Shelly Hayes at Fox Chase Buckingham might be the best course of treatment.

“From the beginning, Dr. Hayes was very confident and reassuring."

At his first appointment, Dr. Hayes, a radiation oncologist, explained that CyberKnife delivers targeted radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy using image-guidance technology and computer-controlled robotics. “From the beginning, Dr. Hayes was very confident and reassuring,” said Frank.  “I did some more research on my own and started feeling really good about the whole thing.”

Although Fox Chase Buckingham is 85 miles from his Schuylkill County home, Frank wasn’t concerned about the commute.  Dr. Hayes scheduled him for three treatments beginning in December 2010. “The staff was just wonderful every step of the way. “  Frank had no side effects at all from the treatments – “ no aches, pains, nothing,” he recalled. “I didn’t miss a day of work.”

At his next consult, Dr. Hayes told Frank she’d reviewed his case with several other doctors, and they all agreed that CyberKnife had delivered a "knock-out blow to the tumor."  But since he’d handled treatment so well, she recommended a fourth session and Frank agreed. A follow-up CAT scan revealed that the only thing left of his tumor was scar tissue.  

"Outside of the fact that I was being treated for cancer, it was really a wonderful experience.” 

“Outside of the fact that I was being treated for cancer, it was really a wonderful experience,” said Frank, 66 (2011). ‘’Everyone went the extra mile for me. There is so much compassion and a tremendous amount of caring at Fox Chase.   I’d recommend CyberKnife to anyone – the treatment was painless and I’m hopefully cured.  I just can’t say enough about the quality of care I received.”