Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) Patient Stories

  • Maria Bento

    Maria Bento

    Maria Bento and her husband, Jose, left Portugal in 1973 and moved to America - the land of opportunity. Once here, they built both a close-knit family and a successful construction business in Philadelphia. Maria, a strong-willed woman, has learned many lessons over the years. Most importantly, to trust her gut and to question the decisions of others. That lesson might have saved her life.

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  • Warren Chambers

    Warren Chambers

    In the fall of 2007, 50-year-old Warren Chambers experienced trouble swallowing after completing his normal morning workout routine. A visit to a nearby hospital emergency room the next day revealed a growth in his stomach. Friends and colleagues in the medical field suggested Warren go to Fox Chase.

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  • Alan Hallman

    Alan Hallman

    In December of 2005, a routine physical became anything but for Alan Hallman, a middle school teacher then living in Bechtelsville. At 55, he was in good health, had never smoked or even drank alcohol. Yet his family doctor noticed the presence of blood in a urine sample. Alan hadn't had any abnormal symptoms.

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  • John St. Omer

    John St. Omer

    As the father to 4 sons ranging from age 26 down to 10, and the general manager of 3 major hospitality hotels, John St. Omer knows how to manage chaos. But managing cancer - when you don't know you have it, is another story altogether.

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  • Cheryl Veney

    Cheryl Veney

    It was the second day of school, and this Philadelphia teacher started experiencing severe stomach pains, which increased in intensity as the day wore on. Cheryl was diagnosed with pancreatitis at her local hospital, with no apparent reason for its onset. Testing included an endoscopic exploration down her throat, which revealed a mass on her stomach.

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