David Dougherty

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Hepatocellular (Liver) Cancer
David Dougherty

In 2005, David Dougherty was busy running a restaurant when he underwent testing for some medical issues. During an MRI, his doctor discovered a mass on his liver. Unsure of whether the mass was cancer, David's family doctor referred him to an oncologist. "Once we learned it was liver cancer, they referred me to Fox Chase," recalled David. "My friend had been treated at Fox Chase for cancer on his face and he was very happy with his outcome."

Skilled surgeon, Dr. James C. Watson, preserved 80 percent of David's liver.

James C. Watson, MD, a surgical oncologist who specializes in treating complex gastrointestinal cancers, met with David. "Dr. Watson is very nice. He told me I was a good candidate for surgery," he said. Dr. Watson performed a liver resection and was able to preserve more than 80 percent of the liver.

"Dr. Watson did an amazing job. I'm going to miss him."

During a follow-up visit, Dr. Watson was pleased with David's progress and did not recommend additional treatment with radiation or chemotherapy for his fully resected hepatocellular cancer. "Dr. Watson did an amazing job. I'm going to miss him when I hit the 5-year mark and he cuts me loose to be followed by my hepatologist," shared David. "I highly recommend Fox Chase to anyone who has cancer."

David is grateful to his partner, Helen Marie, who supported him through this journey. "She takes care of everything - you can't trust me to remember anything!" Now that he has retired, David cares for their house, follows NASCAR, travels and enjoys his family.

"Fox Chase provides an excellent service and is a very caring place."

"Fox Chase provides an excellent service and is a very caring place. Everyone's work is greatly appreciated," Helen added. "We experienced this during David's surgery, and through all of his outpatient checkup visits. Everyone at Fox Chase is always so nice and helpful. Even as you sit in the waiting room for your turn, you can feel the closeness the people have with the Fox Chase team when people are called in for their appointment."

David feels great thanks to everyone at Fox Chase. "The nurses were prompt, always there and always helpful! And I owe a big thank you to Dr. Watson for everything he did for me. He saved my life."