Testicular Cancer Patient Stories

  • Peter Hagerty

    Peter Hagerty

    In March 2009, New Jersey police officer Peter Hagerty was experiencing groin pain when he was getting in and out of his patrol car. Like many men his age, Peter shrugged it off for two weeks. By the third week, after realizing his testicle was rock hard, Peter told his wife, Eryn, an advanced life support paramedic. "Eryn sent me right to the doctor," recalled Peter, whose primary doctor referred him directly to a urologist. An ultrasound performed later the same day showed a tumor and the doctor suspected it was cancer. Peter, who was 36 and father to a toddler son, Cole, was in complete shock.

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  • Jimmy Nulph

    James Nulph


    Jim Nulph was just 29 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He’d felt a lump in the shower, but didn’t pay much attention until it doubled in size in two weeks. “That was scary,” recalled Jim. “But being a guy, I went into a state of denial.  My wife Estelle took it hard. It took me a couple of days to process it.  I wanted to be strong for my wife and kids.”

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  • Andrew Steinmetz

    Andrew Steinmetz


    Working in retail takes a person with an outgoing personality and a commitment to customer service.  “I really like the pace of working in the store,” said Andrew Steinmetz, 23, who is a manager at a business supply store in Philadelphia. “I like helping customers and meeting new people.” Andrew’s upbeat and positive attitude is evident as he shares the story of his battle of testicular cancer.

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  • Dennis Trego

    Dennis Trego

    Testicular Cancer

    In November 2010, 61-year-old Dennis Trego experienced an abnormal swelling in his right testicle.  He sought medical attention right away and an ultrasound was ordered. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive. Additional testing, including blood work, revealed a malignant tumor.  

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  • Pete Vaccaro

    Pete Vaccaro

    Peter Vaccaro's journey with testicular cancer began in 1998, when he was just 31. Completely asymptomatic, Pete did have chronic back pain. His doctor ordered an X-ray. "The next thing I knew, my family doctor called to say he needed to see me and my wife in his office. When I insisted he tell me why, he admitted they saw a mass on my abdomen. It looked like cancer. My world literally slowed down. This was completely out of the blue." Pete and Natalie had been married for just six months and they were expecting their first child. 

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