Gynecologic Malignancies Patient Stories

  • Judee Bushko

    Judee Bushko

    Endometrial Cancer

    Although Judee Bushko had not experienced dramatic symptoms prior to being diagnosed with stage 3-C endometrial cancer, she had a feeling that something wasn't right. "I started to experience some spotting," said Judee, who turned 63 in 2011. Despite her normal exam with a Pap smear in January 2007, she went back to her doctor in November, who sent her for a vaginal ultrasound. After the exam, her doctor ordered further testing.

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  • Carol Desko

    Endometrial Cancer

    Carol Desko is one of those lucky people who keeps in touch with her nine best friends from grade school. Every few years, they travel together. In the summer of 2009, the year they all turned 65 and planned to take a cruise. Unfortunately, Carol couldn't join them because she was battling an aggressive form of endometrial cancer. But thanks to her talented physician, Dr. Christina Chu, she'll travel to St. Michael's with these ladies in the summer of 2014 to celebrate their 70th birthdays. 

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  • Tanya Dwyer

    Tanya Dwyer


    Tanya Dwyer was treated in 2004 for a rare type of cancer affecting younger women, called choriocarcinoma, in Philadelphia. Choriocarcinomas usually occur in the reproductive organs and develop from cells that would typically turn into eggs in a woman's uterus. These cells usually grow quickly and spread widely.

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  • Sue Volpe

    Sue Volpe

    Endometrial Cancer - da VinciĀ® Robotic-Assisted Hysterectomy

    In February 2009, Sue Volpe went to her gynecologist for her annual exam. She mentioned to the doctor that her periods were a little heavier than usual and that she occasionally skipped a month. Since Sue was 47 at the time, he suggested it may be the start of menopause - or something else. He offered to perform an endometrial biopsy, which is a simple procedure that often results in some cramping. Sue went home to think about it. Several months later, Sue's period lasted for two weeks and she began experiencing cramps. She decided to have the biopsy. One week later, Sue received the dreaded call. "My doctor said I had stage II endometrial cancer," she recalled. "I reached for a pen and paper because I knew that I would not remember another word he said."

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