Kevin Logan

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Kevin Logan

Kevin and Devra Logan about to ring the radiation bell - a ceremony that marks the end of treatment.

In May 2010, Kevin Logan and his wife of 11 years, Devra, were heading to his daughter, Lindsay's graduation from University of North Carolina of Wilmington. While there, Devra noticed a lump on Kevin's neck. She decided to keep it quiet for the weekend in order to enjoy the celebration. On the way home, Kevin who had also noticed the lump, showed it to Devra.

On Monday, Kevin went to his family doctor who sent him to a local general surgeon for an evaluation. He was scheduled for surgery within a few weeks. "I work in Cumberland, Maryland, so I went to our local hospital," shared Kevin. On June 24, a lymph node was removed and sent for biopsy and 3 days later, Kevin learned he had squamous cell carcinoma on the base of his tongue.

"Dr. Murphy highly recommended Fox Chase Cancer Center. So that's where we went."

Devra's brother, Russell DeVore, is a medical oncologist in Knoxville, Tennessee. After learning of Kevin's diagnosis, he called a colleague at Vanderbilt University, Barbara Murphy, MD, a head and neck cancer specialist and world-renowned researcher. "When she heard we were willing to drive to Philadelphia, she was pleased," recalled Kevin. "Dr. Murphy highly recommended Fox Chase Cancer Center. So that's where we went."

Kevin scheduled his initial appointment in July with the head and neck cancer team - John A. Ridge, MD, a head and neck surgeon, Barbara Burtness, MD, a medical oncologist, and Eric Horwitz, MD, a radiation oncologist. "We were so impressed with the team of experts," said Devra.

Kevin Logan

Devra and Kevin, along with Dr. Eric Horwitz.

"We were just in awe of everyone at Fox Chase. Not only were they experts in their fields, but they were so nice and compassionate about treating Kevin's cancer," she continued. "I wanted to ask someone how they find such special people. It is really amazing."

Kevin's treatment was scheduled to begin in August, so they made arrangements to check into Hope Lodge for their 7 week stay. The American Cancer Society has free lodging at Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge across the street from Fox Chase Cancer Center for patients and one caregiver at a new facility with all of the amenities. Hope Lodge is typically available to patients actively undergoing cancer treatment on an outpatient basis. Patients must live at least 40 miles or a one-hour drive time away from the treatment facility. To stay at Hope Lodge, patients need a referral from their physician's office, health care professional or social work representative. The Logans stayed at Hope Lodge while Kevin underwent a course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After 35 radiation treatments, Kevin was finally ready to for the ceremonial ringing of the radiation bell (See YouTube video).

With his treatment behind him, Kevin was happy to return to his full-time job as the President of Kelco Federal Credit Union, where he's worked for 12 years. "I've been in the banking business for over 30 years," shared Kevin. "It was great that both of our employers allowed us to take the necessary time off."

"We really could have gone anywhere . . . but there was no question, we were going to Fox Chase, and we couldn't be happier with our decision.

After a cancer diagnosis, Kevin started setting his priorities differently, although golfing is still pretty high on the list! As for Fox Chase, the Logans highly recommend the hospital to anyone with cancer. "If we get anything else, this is where we're coming," said Devra. "We really could have gone anywhere. We are close enough to Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, but there was no question, we were going to Fox Chase, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. All of the doctors, nurses, receptionists and technicians, even the fellow, Dr. Angela Jain, were just the best!"