Metastatic Lung Cancer Patient Stories

  • Stephanie Haney

    Stephanie Haney

    Stephanie Haney admits her life isn’t anything like she thought it would be. “I am more grateful, more living life in the moment, and more focused on the big picture than I ever expected to be,” she explains. Stephanie watches her children more closely than she used to and tries to celebrate more moments and create more meaningful experiences than she had been. “I am less afraid and more faithful. I live with terminal lung cancer.”

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  • William Killian

    William Killian

    If you meet Bill Killian, he'll most likely ask you "Why is laughter the best medicine?" His answer? "Because there is no co-pay." In his spare time, Bill has a stand-up comedy routine about cancer. "Obviously, the only people who can appreciate the humor are those who have had cancer. If you can find humor in an iliostomy bag, you can get through anything! "A born comedian, Bill has learned to laugh his way through the most serious time in his life.

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  • Gilberto Rolón

    Gilberto Rolón

    Everyone knows colonoscopies are no fun. Maybe that's why Gilbert Rolon waited until his 70th birthday before he had his first one. By that point, he was already having symptoms of colon cancer - and the colonoscopy confirmed his diagnosis of metastatic colon cancer to the lung. When his doctor learned Gilbert had grown children, he suggested they each have a colonoscopy because of family risk. His son Gilbert, Jr. was diagnosed with polyps, which were easily removed. "I was 45 at the time. If I had waited until I turned 50, I might have had cancer myself," he recalled. "I am the poster child for early detection."

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