John Reeves

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient Stories

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
John Reeves

In 2009, John Reeves took a bad fall. "That's when it all started," he recalled. At the age of 78, John didn't recover as quickly as he expected. A former high school football star and self-titled #1 concrete man in Philadelphia, John is a strong guy. He sought medical attention and during a routine x-ray, doctors saw something suspicious.

"That's when I decided to see Dr. Walter Scott at Fox Chase."

A former smoker for 35 years, John kicked the habit in 1995. "I really didn't think about getting lung cancer anymore," he admitted.

Dr. Scott is a thoracic surgeon at Fox Chase Cancer Center who specializes in minimally invasive procedures. After evaluating John, Dr. Scott suggested a procedure to diagnose and stage the disease. It turned out to be cancer, so Dr. Scott performed a lobectomy to remove the tumor. Although the procedure was successful, addition therapy was recommended due to the size and location of the tumor.

John had his next appointment with Renee Mehra, a medical oncologist at Fox Chase. She prescribed a course of chemotherapy, to be followed by radiation therapy.

"When I go to Fox Chase Buckingham, it's like I'm visiting my family."

In September 2009, John began a 5 week course of radiation at Fox Chase's Buckingham facility. "What a great place," he explained. "When I go to Fox Chase Buckingham, it's like I'm visiting my family. I always rave about it. It is very unique in that they have state-of-the-art equipment in a brand new facility with the friendliest people you've ever met."

John Reeves

"Dr. Hayes is fantastic."

Shelly Hayes, MD, is a radiation oncologist who treats all patients in Buckingham. She used IMRT to reduce John's risk of recurrence. "Dr. Hayes is fantastic," shared John, who recommends Fox Chase Buckingham to everyone he meets.

Today, John sees his doctors for periodic check-ups, but is considered free of cancer. That piece of mind allows John to focus on his wife, Margaret, their children and grandchildren. He still follows high school football - especially his Alma Matter, Springfield High School, and although he feels good, he won't be running for a touchdown anytime soon.