Oral Cancer Patient Stories

  • Lee Varallo O'Hagan

    Lee Varallo O'Hagan

    For Lee Varallo O'Hagan and her husband Paul, Fox Chase Cancer Center is more than just a collection of buildings in the northeast section of Philadelphia. To them and many others who have either been treated or have accompanied family members, Fox Chase has become a second home.

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  • Jerold Wilck

    Jerold Wilck, DDS

    Dr. Jerold Wilck understands and promotes the importance of oral cancer early detection screenings. Not because he is a cancer specialist, but because several years ago when he was practicing dentistry, he thought he had a common ulcer, but was surprised to learn that the sore in his mouth was cancer (squamous cell carcinoma).

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  • Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    Karen Williams is thankful to have her voice, and with it she tells everyone that will listen "if you notice any kind of change on your tongue or in your mouth… especially if you are a smoker… get it checked out as quickly as possible." Karen is adamant about her advice, because she is proof that addressing a problem quickly can result in a fabulous outcome.

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