Ovarian Cancer Patient Stories

  • Cynthia Danko

    Cynthia Danko

    Like most people, Cindy Danko had no time to be sick. A full time house painter, Cyd – as she’s known to her friends – was used to keeping a busy schedule packed with physically demanding work. In February 2009, shortly before her 50th birthday, Cyd went to her gynecologist for an annual exam. Within a few days, her doctor called to explain that her Pap test was abnormal. “I thought it was a mistake,” said Cyd.  

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  • Missy Light Dougherty

    Missy Light Dougherty

    Ovarian Cancer with fertility preservation

    Missy Dougherty is a beach girl at heart and has spent many summers in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. The summer of 2007 was to be no different. Missy and her husband, Brendan, planned to take their 2-year-old son to Sea Isle every weekend. However, Missy was more tired than usual and began experiencing symptoms consistent with both irritable bowel syndrome and a urinary tract infection. At 31, she was also hoping to have another baby.

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  • Debbie Richards

    Debbie Richards

    Ovarian Cancer

    Heading into 2014, Debbie Richards was preparing herself for a new year full of anxiety and excitement. Her daughter, Ashley, was settled in at Penn State University, but her husband, Ernie, had accepted a new position as high school principal in Sunbury, PA, a couple of hours from their home in Milford, PA. Along with the move, Debbie would have to find a new job herself. She is the Communications Director for Port Jervis School District in New York. What she did not expect was a diagnosis of cancer – but that is what happened in late March 2014 when Debbie learned she had ovarian cancer.

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  • Vera James

    Vera James

    Ovarian Cancer

    At 72, Vera James keeps herself busy, and the spring of 2012 was especially so. She had her 50th college reunion to attend, a family cruise through the Panama Canal to enjoy and her usual home and garden work to keep after.  So when she noticed some issues with frequent urination, she didn’t pay much attention, attributing it to the normal aging process.  But on April 22 of that year, she woke up with a pronounced swelling between her rib cage and her naval.  Her doctor suspected a hernia, but urged her to get a CT scan and make an appointment with a surgeon quickly.

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  • Diane Kita

    Diane Kita

    In the fall of 2012, Diane Kita was experiencing vague digestive discomfort which eventually worsened into flu-like symptoms. After a CT scan, Diane was shocked to learn she most likely had ovarian cancer that had metastasized outside of her small and large intestines. She was planning to undergo treatment near her home, in Reading, PA, until her friends and family urged to her be seen at a comprehensive cancer center. Diane made an appointment with Fox Chase Cancer Center gynecologic oncologist Stephanie King, MD. That call may have changed her life. Read more »
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