Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Patient Stories

  • Ray Beckler

    Ray Beckler

    In the summer of 1974, at the young age of 19, Ray Beckler developed severe hemorrhoids. His family doctor took one look and sent him to a surgeon. Four years post surgery Ray's symptoms remained.

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  • William Buehler

    William Buehler

    By the winter of 2006, Bill Buehler had suffered long enough with pain in his mouth. After several trips to the dentist, no one could provide a definitive diagnosis. His teeth continued to bother him so Bill decided to see a new dentist. By the time he arrived at his first appointment, most of Bill's lower jaw had dissintegrated. After one look at the x-rays, his new dentist could not hide the concern in his eyes. Bill suspected immedately that something was wrong and it was.

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  • Tricia Cantwell

    Patricia Cantwell

    Imagine being 33 years old going to the dentist because you have pain in your mouth, likely caused by your wisdom teeth. So you have all of your wisdom teeth extracted but still have a throbbing pain. Your oral surgeon takes an x-ray and sees a bone fragment. He takes a biopsy, which is sent to a local lab, but they are unable to make a definitive diagnosis. The biopsy is then sent to the Mayo Clinic, where it is determined, 6 weeks later, that you have osteosarcoma - otherwise known as bone cancer, of the jaw.

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  • Kim Hagerich

    Kim Hagerich

    Moving half way across the country with 2 small children for her husband's new job can be stressful for some, but Kim Hagerich took it in stride. Kim and Todd settled into a friendly family-oriented neighborhood in a northern Philadelphia suburb. Kim quickly made many friends by getting involved in a book club, mother's group and preschool. She and her husband wanted a third child, and based on her fertility history, she began taking progesterone (a hormone that is connected to pregnancy). Not soon after, Kim found a lump in her breast.

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  • Carol Hess

    Carol Hess

    At age 43, Carol Hess is just about as busy as a mom can be. The mother of 2 toddlers, Carol enjoys running, photography and gardening. While holding down a full-time position working for the Department of Defense. "For 26 years I have worked for the Navy as an Engineer Technician. Our department is responsible for the launch and recovery systems for aircraft used on an aircraft carrier," explained Carol.

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