Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Patient Stories

  • Norma Snyder

    Norma Snyder

    In 1991, Dr. Mary Daly, a medical oncologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center, created the Family Risk Assessment Program, to research the genetic risk of certain types of cancer. In order to get the program off the ground, she needed to recruit participants in the program.

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  • Jane Tervooren

    Jane Tervooren

    Jane Tervooren knows all too well how precious life can be. As the marketing director of one of the largest fertility practices in New Jersey, she watches women who struggle with getting pregnant and who want nothing more than to experience the miracle of childbirth. She also knows how fragile life can be after losing her mother and grandmother too soon to ovarian cancer.

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  • Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    Karen Williams is thankful to have her voice, and with it she tells everyone that will listen "if you notice any kind of change on your tongue or in your mouth… especially if you are a smoker… get it checked out as quickly as possible." Karen is adamant about her advice, because she is proof that addressing a problem quickly can result in a fabulous outcome.

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