Prostate Cancer

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Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

  • Robert Singer

    Robert Singer

    Now retired, Robert Singer worked as a dentist in Montgomery County (outside of Philadelphia) and always tried his best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He kept his weight in check, stayed active and went for routine visits to his general doctor yearly. From the age of 65, Bob had annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening blood tests to check for prostate cancer. In 1998, at the age of 66, Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He decided to get a second opinion from a renowned cancer specialist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Still not 100 percent comfortable in the treatment recommendation, he sought the opinion of a third doctor at a hospital in Philadelphia. That doctor recommended a course of radiation which he completed at another hospital. “Once a patient has undergone radiation, the risks of future surgery to remove the prostate is higher,” Bob says.

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Prostate Risk Assessment Program Patient Stories

  • John O'Donnell

    John O'Donnell

    Prior to 2004, John O'Donnell had not undergone a medical check up in his adult life. He was active and felt healthy and didn't see any reason to go to the doctor. But a life insurance blood test indicated high cholesterol, which resulted in a rate increase. That prompted John to see a doctor annually. During one of these appointments, John learned his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels were elevated, raising concern for a possibility of prostate cancer. 

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Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

  • James Slade

    James Slade

    Jim Slade wants the world to understand the importance of cancer screenings, especially for prostate and colon cancers. The underlying reason for his concern is that both screenings may have saved his life.

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Surgical Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

  • Terry Devlin

    Terry Devlin

    "Mr. Devlin, the biopsy came back positive. It is malignant. You have prostate cancer." When 59-year-old Terry Devlin heard those words from his doctor, so many thoughts rushed through his head. "How do I tell my wife, my daughters, my granddaughter Samantha, my family? Will I live or die, and what kind of treatment should I get?"

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