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Ed Horowitz

During a routine exam in May 2007, Ed Horowitz's urologist told him, "Your prostate feels normal, but due to your age (69), I am going to order a PSA blood test." Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests indicate a man's risk of developing prostate cancer. Because Ed's levels were elevated, his doctor ordered a biopsy.

"All 12 samples that were tested came back positive for cancer," explained Ed, whose Gleason score was 8 (a measure of the aggressiveness of the cancer cells). To confirm that the cancer was localized to the prostate, Ed had a CT scan and bone scan of his body, which were both normal.

Surgery was out of the question.

Ed was faced with a decision regarding treatment - surgery or radiation. He initially met with a surgeon at another large Philadelphia hospital. "I thought he would try to persuade me to have surgery," recalled Ed. "But because I was close to 70, my cancer was locally advanced, and my Gleason score was so high, he believed surgery was out of the question." Ed's cancer was larger and more aggressive and surgery is typically offered for men with smaller cancers.

Ed shared his situation with several friends, many of whom suggested he see Dr. Eric Horwitz at Fox Chase. He made an appointment 2 days later.

"I connected with Dr. Horwitz right away."

Ed Horowitz

"I connected with Dr. Horwitz right away," shared Ed. "We have the same last name, but he spells his without the second O. I was planning to tell him he spelled his name wrong, but my girlfriend thought that would not be nice. When Dr. Horwitz introduced himself he said 'Hello Mr. Horowitz. You know you spell your name wrong?' We laughed for about 5 minutes and at that point, I knew he was the right doctor for me."

Dr. Horwitz reviewed the treatment options with Ed, who ultimately decided to be treated with intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) combined with hormone injections. "I went through 40 days of radiation and now take hormone therapy due to my Gleason score." Ed completed treatment in January 2008 and continues to do well today.

"I always recommend Fox Chase."

"I always recommend Dr. Horwitz and Fox Chase to anyone considering treatment for prostate cancer. I consider myself fortunate to have gone there for treatment."