General Sarcoma Patient Stories

  • Maria Bento

    Maria Bento

    Maria Bento and her husband, Jose, left Portugal in 1973 and moved to America - the land of opportunity. Once here, they built both a close-knit family and a successful construction business in Philadelphia. Maria, a strong-willed woman, has learned many lessons over the years. Most importantly, to trust her gut and to question the decisions of others. That lesson might have saved her life.

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  • William Beason

    William Beason

    Liposarcoma of the Shoulder

    Bill's brush with cancer came at a relatively young age. The Bucks County resident noticed a small growth on his right shoulder back in 1994. His dermatologist removed it, without taking a biopsy, and Bill didn't think any more about it. A decade later, in 2004 when Bill was just 52, the small growth reappeared, this time putting pressure on nerves to the point that he lost feeling in his arm.

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  • Stephen 'Alan' Dewees

    Stephen 'Alan' Dewees

    Sarcoma (leiomyosarcoma arising on the flank)

    At 80 years old, Stephen 'Alan' Dewees admits he is pretty laid back. He enjoys traveling with his wife and friends, and simply enjoying life. But, when it came to addressing a lump that he discovered on his back four years ago, he was anything but passive. A swift treatment plan under the direction of a Fox Chase Cancer Center surgeon has provided Alan the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

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  • Hank Gross

    Hank Gross

    In 2004, Hank Gross was told he'd be lucky to be alive in 2 to 4 years. Before this, Hank had been Director of Family Therapy Training at New York University Medical Center. "I taught classes, organized conferences and seminars, and monitored training sites I developed," recalled Hank. "Basically, during this time, there was a l0-pound tumor sitting on my kidney (a retro-peritoneal sarcoma), so the entire organ had to be removed."

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  • Mary Marczely

    Mary Marczely

    Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    Mary Marczely races to cross the finish line. The West Grove, PA resident has run 13 races in the past three years.  But the contest that meant the most to her was the race against the cancer she was diagnosed with in August 2010. Mary, a busy mother of two sons age two and four at the time, started experiencing an odd tingling sensation in her left calf and foot.  The discomfort grew into pain and numbness.  “I showed my sister-in-law what looked like an indentation in my leg,” she recalled. “She’s a nurse and I’m a pharmacist, and we both knew something wasn’t right.”

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