General Sarcoma Patient Stories

  • Jean Hankee

    Jean Hankee

    Myxoid Sarcoma

    In 2011, Jean Hankee noticed a strange-looking vein on her right shin. At first, she said it looked like an “empty" varicose vein. “I thought it was just something that happened as I was getting older,” said Jean, who was 71 at the time.

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  • Mary Marczely

    Mary Marczely

    Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    Mary Marczely races to cross the finish line. The West Grove, PA resident has run 13 races in the past three years.  But the contest that meant the most to her was the race against the cancer she was diagnosed with in August 2010. Mary, a busy mother of two sons age two and four at the time, started experiencing an odd tingling sensation in her left calf and foot.  The discomfort grew into pain and numbness.  “I showed my sister-in-law what looked like an indentation in my leg,” she recalled. “She’s a nurse and I’m a pharmacist, and we both knew something wasn’t right.”

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  • Ed Walsh

    Ed Walsh


    For Ed Walsh cancer appeared out of the blue. In August 2005, at 52, his wife noticed a golf-ball sized growth on his upper back that had never been there before.  Although he got conflicting advice about what to do – “some doctors said leave it alone, others said biopsy or remove it altogether,” Ed opted to have the lump removed.

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