Skin Cancer Patient Stories

  • Edward Bandtlow

    Edward Bandtlow

    Up until July 2008, Ed Bandtlow, a busy executive career coach, had been ignoring the suspicious spot on his face. A physician friend finally told Ed that he was long overdue to see a dermatologist. Ed, who admittedly dragged his feet too long, looked on-line for a young doctor who used cutting edge techniques. Dr. Perlis diagnosed Ed with squamous cell carcinoma (non-melanoma skin cancer) on the left side of his face. But that was only the beginning.

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  • Judith Bernstein

    Judith Bernstein

    A long time resident of Ambler, Judith Bernstein, was enjoying a blessed life. She has a devoted husband, Arnold, a son, a daughter and beautiful grandchildren who are the love of her life. She had been diagnosed with numerous squamous cell skin carcinomas that were successfully removed. But there is much more to Judy.

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  • Joseph Buglak

    Joseph Buglak

    Melanoma (Skin Cancer)

    Joseph Buglak lives close to Fox Chase Cancer Center in nearby Abington, Pennsylvania. For years, Joe was aware of what Fox Chase had to offer, but never thought he might one day require its services himself. He was also aware of a spot on his leg, but did not think it was anything serious.

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  • Murray Ianni

    Murray Ianni


    When Murray Ianni noticed a little bump the size of a dime on his thigh, he didn’t think much of it. Fair skinned, Murray studiously avoids the sun and stays covered up whenever he’s outside. Still, his doctor suggested he see a dermatologist for a biopsy. And with a history of cancer in his family, Murray, who was 71, didn’t want to waste any time.

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  • Richard Millham

    Richard Millham

    Merkel Cell Carcinoma

    When he started running in 1989 at the age 55, Dick Millham thought he was taking strides towards a healthier lifestyle. And while he was indeed doing his heart and body good, the fact that he ran in the heat of summer without the benefit of hat, shirt or sunscreen eventually caught up with him. “I always thought that my olive skin meant I wouldn’t have a problem with the sun or skin cancer,” said Dick.

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