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ADAPT Clinical Trial:
Phase 3 Trial of Autologous Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy (AGS-003) Plus Standard Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)

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Dr. Alexander Kutikov explains the ADAPT Clinical Trial and how you can enroll.

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Types of Cancer

Types of Cancer

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When it comes to your cancer care, Fox Chase gives you more choices.

We have approximately 200 cancer clinical trials underway at any given time.

Clinical trials are research studies conducted with people who volunteer to take part. These studies evaluate new approaches to screen for, diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

You benefit by having access to new cancer treatments and options not otherwise available in addition to the excellent care offered at Fox Chase.

Like all treatment options, clinical trials have possible benefits and risks.

You may get a new treatment that is not yet open to people outside of the study. The treatment may not be better than, or even as good as, the standard treatment.
The research team will watch and support you closely. There may be side effects that the doctors do not expect. 
If the treatment is better than the standard treatment, you may be among the first to benefit. You may need more tests. Some of the  ┬átests could be uncomfortable or take a lot of time.
The trial may help scientists learn more about cancer and help people in the future. The treatment may work in some patients, but may not work for you.

Experience Matters

Our nationally ranked doctors are experts in clinical research and design. For us, staying at the forefront of cancer treatment means we develop innovative strategies that give us new insights about cancer. For you, being at the forefront of cancer care means access to these promising treatments and expert knowledge.

We offer you the latest advancements because we conduct the research. In doing so, we follow strict guidelines to protect you and to offer the best cancer treatment options for you. We encourage you to talk to your doctor about whether a clinical trial is right for you.

Patients Come First

At Fox Chase, our Institutional Review Board (IRB) conducts an in-depth review of all clinical trials at our institution. This review ensures the protection of our volunteer clinical trial participants. Fox Chase was among the first institutions to earn national accreditation for its management and review of clinical trials.

For more information about clinical trials at Fox Chase Cancer Center or to find a study, call 1-888-FOX CHASE (1-888-369-2427).

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