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Seminars and Training

Partners Consulting

Various seminars and training courses are offered to educate staff on topics relevant to the success of the cancer program as well as specific topics related to disease sites.

Our all-inclusive program-planning package provides:
  • Assessment of the readiness and need for an oncology program or a comprehensive review of an existing program
  • Ambulatory department assessment for best practice
  • Review of clinical and economic components
  • Marketing analysis, including market research, needs assessment and marketing plan

Program Development

To provide the highest level of cancer care for patients in a community, many cancer programs are seeking to develop and initiate new services. Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants can assist your cancer program in conducting a full assessment of your current services and develop a series of recommendations to consider regarding new program development. We examine local, regional and national trends to guide us in developing a set of customized recommendations for your cancer program.

Research Assessments are available to evaluate research capability, infrastructure and best practice development at a private practice or medical center.

New program development can include the following types of services:

Partners Consulting
  • Research Assessments
  • New Technology
  • Research Projects
  • Disease-Specific Cancer Programs
  • Outreach Programs
  • Cancer-Risk Programs
  • Supportive-Care Services

Staffing Needs Assessment and Job Descriptions

A complete analysis of the existing staff and the staff required to operate the cancer program in an efficient manner will be performed. Fox Chase Cancer Center Consultants will provide suggestions and job descriptions based on experience.

Marketing Analysis

The marketing analysis will include a market assessment and marketing plan.

  • The market assessment includes market research and needs assessment. This assessment will determine the client's market share through publicly available sources and will identify the opportunity for program growth or awareness.
  • The marketing plan will be developed to identify the most effective opportunities for the cancer program.

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