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Barber and beautician services for haircuts, shampoos and sets are available at a reasonable cost. Ask your nurse to make arrangements. If you run out of personal toiletries, you may arrange to buy them at the Hospital gift shop.


A volunteer will deliver your incoming mail to your room once a day. You may give your outgoing mail to the volunteer. 

Phone Calls

You may use your bedside telephone for local calls without charge. You pay only for long-distance calls. Your family and friends may call you directly between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. every day.

To call an outside local number, dial 9 after you hear the dial tone, then dial your area code and number. To call long-distance, dial 9, then 8 and then 0. The operator will assist you. Long-distance charges will be billed directly to your home phone.

Cell phones are permitted for use by patients and their visitors.


Television service is available in your room at a nominal fee. Earphones also are available.

Free Wireless

Wireless internet service is available throughout the Fox Chase Cancer Center campus. There is an open connection for patients and other visitors. No registration or password is required.

In your laptop's list of available wireless connections, choose FCCCguest.