What to Bring

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Your First Appointment

Your First Visit to Fox Chase
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Medical Emergencies

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AstraZeneca Hope Lodge

Lodging at no cost for cancer patients being treated in the Philadelphia area.
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Please bring the following items with you on your first visit to Fox Chase:

  • All medical records pertaining to your case, such as radiology films and pathology glass slides (unless you have been instructed to send them in advance).
    Note: Fox Chase uses a digital system for radiology films. If available, please bring your films on CD in DICOM format with the exception of mammography films. We will copy your CD into our radiology system and return it to you at the end of your appointment.
  • Please make a list of any prescription and over the counter medications you take, along with dosages, and frequency.
  • Your completed registration form.
  • Your health insurance cards, referral forms (if your insurer requires a written referral), any other insurance forms that may be necessary and your spouse's insurance information.
  • Your Social Security number and that of your spouse.
  • Name and address of your referring physician, primary-care physician and any other physicians you would like to receive your Fox Chase Cancer Center physician's report.

If you are self-referred, please bring along or be able to describe in detail any symptoms or problems you are experiencing.

If a physician has referred you, please be able to describe how your current diagnosis (if any) was made and the types of cancer treatments that you have already received.